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Intro Kanna-ryu & bamboo - Kanna and Kagura

Two-day intensive workshop with Kanna and Kagura introductory Kanna-ryu / Kanna Style and Bamboo Restraints.

Intro Kanna-ryu & bamboo - Kanna and Kagura
Intro Kanna-ryu & bamboo - Kanna and Kagura

Horario y ubicación

Sep 11, 2021, 10:00 AM GMT+2 – Sep 12, 2021, 6:00 PM GMT+2

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

About Kanna & Kagura

縄 師 神 凪 Nawashi Kanna (Gender X / Non-binary) and 神 楽 Kagura are a Japanese Queer couple who have been together for 14 years. They have traveled around the world to teach and perform Kinbaku, as Kanna inherited the style of 明智 伝 鬼 Akechi Denki and developed from there. Kanna's style is considered to be semenawa inspired by Hojojutsu 捕 縄 術, it is very restrictive and includes full body control that often plays with breath control. "We believe that strings have no gender or boundaries, that strings should be for everyone and can be fun for both riggers and models."

Event details:

For Nawashi Kanna, aesthetics and patterns are what comes after connecting deeply with her partner and bringing them beautiful consensual torment, rich suffering, and sweet relief. In the Shibari school of Kanna / Kanna-ryu, every rope, every placement, every tension and action must have an intention that the person tying is controlling.

In this intensive weekend workshop that will be divided into two parts, you will learn the introductory principles of Kanna-ryu, the patterns and the reasoning and intention behind Kanna's tying style during the first day of the intensive, on the second day of the intensive how to apply the bamboo in the restraints and ties worked during the workshop, as well as to play with this versatile and classic component. Kanna and Kagura will also suggest and show ways to play with the patterns and demonstrate their application within a session, and they will also show variations and explain the underlying theory and historical culture behind them.

In his own words:

“Whether it is the first time that we are going to meet, or if we have already met before in person or only online, no matter what level you are at, we really want to be able to enjoy the ropes in the same space! with you!

We have always had the hope of being committed to providing safe, respectful, equitable and enjoyable learning environments for queer or gender diverse students, while supporting your development and interaction with your partner. We are so excited to share them with you!

If you have taken a workshop in the past or an online class, you have learned the basics and are probably familiar with Kanna-ryu. It is possible that some of the content overlaps, but this series would be instructive to improve your skills or polish your knowledge. The face-to-face classes we offer are a preparation for skills development [* not a preparation workshop for professional educators *], with direct instruction, verification, correction and suggestions to each couple.

Our educational plan for students focuses on long-term focus and learning (the long-term benefits to more sustainable ropes practice), along with exploring a variety of approaches and diverse methods or possibilities, while prioritizing development of skills, creativity, knowledge and experience step by step, rather than constantly encouraging the practice of new tie patterns.

Class content and instruction will be tailored on a case-by-case basis, based on class level, student progress and speed, reflecting student interests and demands and / or partner fatigue, as well as whatever necessary and beneficial to students. We will try to have a flexible rhythm according to the general level of the class: practice of skills and technique, repetition and game between pairs.

Don't compare yourself to other students. There are no rankings, no competition between students or different Shibari schools and / or workshops. Shibari is suitable for all people of different ages, bodies, genders and abilities. Differences that vary from person to person could be valued as individual characteristics and from there develop creativity with your own needs. Our Shibari practice is interpersonal communication even in group learning. Focus on yourself, your partner, your interests and your goals! "

Kanna and Kagura.

Dates and times:

September 11-12, 2021, 10:00 - 18:00.

There will be a long break of 1 hour and a half and short breaks throughout the class. There is only the possibility of reserving both days of class for a complete experience.

Pre requirements:

A good understanding of single and double column ties, knowing how to tie a Takate Kote suitable for suspensions very well, understanding and knowing how to use all the common frictions used in Shibari.

As a model it is important to know and understand your tied body well, how to identify the common risks attributed to circulation blockage and nerve compression.

For couples attending this workshop, it is important that you have experience tying together / s and that you are very clear about your risk profiles and how you agree to tie together / s.

What Brig:

A minimum set of 8-10 ropes, safety equipment, oval shaped carabiners if you want to tie like Kanna or otherwise. If you don't have hoop, strings or enough, you can buy from us  In Learn Shibar io Espacio Nos. Food and snacks for the day of class, comfortable clothes (something you would use for activities with movement).


The value of the ticket corresponds to two people in pairs participating without the possibility of exchanging roles during the class. This event is mainly oriented to the public of LGBTQI + couples and women / femininity.

The other requests will be on the waiting list for those people who are allied to the Espacio Nos project, the LGBTQI + collective, the struggles of socio-economically marginalized groups, which respect the diverse identities of gender and sexualities, as well as the regulations of the space and values. We do not ask you to be a perfect person, but rather that you strive to show your support and be a good ally.

You must fill out the application form for a place completely and in detail, providing us with all the possible information to get to know you better and your work with the ropes / as a model to evaluate if we believe that you meet the requirements established to attend this workshop.

* Only adults. *


Tickets for LGBTQIA + couples and female / feminine couples have a reduced value for both days.

Regular price tickets for allied couples are € 500 for both days.


Kanna and Kagura will teach the class in Japanese, we will have a person translating from Japanese to Spanish and if we have a mostly English-speaking audience, the translation will be done to English and secondarily to Spanish in this case.


By filling in the form for this event, you are requesting a place to attend it. If you receive a positive confirmation, you will be explained how the process to finalize your reservation works, which includes the full payment of your place within a limited period of time. The only way to request a place is by filling in the form for this event completely and correctly. The first people accepted to make the reservation payment will be the first to obtain their places until the full capacity of the workshop is filled.

* If we accept your reservation as LGTBQI + couples or as couples of women / women and we discover that it is not true, even if the reservation payment for the place has been made, we will not make refunds for violating a vital condition of this event and regulations of the space . *

To attend this workshop, you must have a vaccination certificate and / or a pcr less than 24 hours old. And we will follow the restrictions for health reasons that are established during the date of the event, so the conditions could change. If for any reason you do not have or cannot offer us one of these tests, please write to us and we can look at your case and see if we can find a common solution.

Important :

Video recordings are not allowed during class. Photos are only allowed of your own work, as long as there are no other participants in the background or Kanna's work for reference. You do not have permission to share these photos with other people and online, not in the case of notes either. After attending the workshops, you do not have permission or special privileges to teach part or all of the content of the class as an educator or any variant of this position.

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