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Workshop: Floating bamboo with Pauline Massimo (ENGLISH)

Suspension/Partial suspensions in vertical floating bamboo for intermediate/advanced mixed level, November 12 and 13 from 11:00 to 18:00. This workshop will focus on the possibilities of suspension lines, safety, care, static and dynamic postures with a progressive learning program.

Workshop: Floating bamboo with Pauline Massimo (ENGLISH)
Workshop: Floating bamboo with Pauline Massimo (ENGLISH)


12 nov 2022, 11:00 CET – 13 nov 2022, 18:00 CET

Espacio Nos, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, España


Workshop: Floating Bamboo with Pauline Massimo November 12 and 13.

Date and Duration:

November 12 from 11:00 to 18:00.

November 13 from 11:00 to 18:00.

This workshop is focused on couples/two people (one tying and one being tied). Role swapping/switching is allowed on a limited basis.

This workshop will provide the technical, theoretical and practical basics to begin to understand vertical bamboo suspension. Pauline will guide participants to find their most unique ways to self-develop in this high-risk practice, accompanying from basic to more complex fundamentals for both models and riggers.


- Risks, injuries and accidents: how to avoid and/or mitigate them.

- Suspension line locking in vertical bamboo and fixed hashiras.

- Demonstrations and exercises with static partial and low suspensions, static full suspensiones and more complex dynamic suspensions.

- Special attention to the anatomy and well-being of the model.

- Adaptations and creative explorations.

Because of the dynamics of this intensive two-day workshop, we recommend not to switch roles during the workshop. But we will leave the possibility to the participants that they can do it if they wish and see if it’s necessary to explore their practice, taking into account the time limitation for each exercise, that it is preferable throughout the course to be able to work with each participant and see their progress during the two days.


To book this workshop, you must fill out the form correctly and we will get back to you within 3 days to confirm the booking and/or ask for more information. The reservation is only complete if full payment is made as much in advance as possible to secure your place.

We will send you the conditions of reservation, cancellation, refund and changes by email.


Consult prices via email.


It is very important to meet the requirements for this workshop to ensure that the group is at a uniform level of practical knowledge.

Know about safety, anatomy of the model, risks of injuries, accidents and how to act in each situation.

Have a good understanding of single and double column tie, basic and complex frictions. Know how to tie a proper harness suitable for suspensions on chest and lower part of the body that your model finds comfortable. Know how to make suspension line locks, have some experience suspending.

The model must have enough experience (as well suspended) and body awareness. Know how to communicate when something is not right and recognize the signs of a nerve injury and differentiate from numbness of blood circulation.

During the workshop it will not be mandatory to be tied in takate kote if you don't want to, different possibilities will be offered so that everyone is comfortable and safer.

Materials in class:

It is recommended to have a uniform set of ropes of 7.5 meters or 8 meters and some shorter pieces, if possible.

During the course you will need approximately

- 1 rope for the suspension line for the floating bamboo (must be new and sturdy of good quality).

- 4-5 ropes for suspension lines (preferably 2-3 of them should be as new as possible).

- And the amount of ropes you usually use to tie 2 harnesses on the body (average 4-6 ropes) and some extra shorter pieces may be needed.

- Your own safety scissors.

About Pauline Massimo:

Pauline Massimo (no pronouns/they), with roots in Brazil and feet in Barcelona, co-founder of Espacio Nos and Learn Shibari.

They have been very intensely and pro-actively involved in Shibari for a decade, exercising multiple roles as a visual artist, performer, instructor, organizer, apprentice, researcher, mentor and among other things, nationally and internationally. Their way of feeling, experiencing and exposing Shibari, starts from its interdisciplinary and multifaceted base where they explore the infinite relationships with other disciplines and ways of coexisting in the world with a strong tie to radical politics, social constructions, neurodivergence, etc.

They have a vast experience giving workshops, classes, lectures and courses of Shibari and interdisciplinary practices contributing from their own perspective as a rigger, model and selftier in well-known rope spaces in Europe such as in England, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, as well as in Brazil, Turkey, etc.

They opt for a more progressive way of study and learning, choosing precision and detail in their classes. They work from an approach where it takes the student's existing knowledge as a starting point and helps them to realistically approach their goals, always keeping the feet on the ground with a conscious practice.

When Pauline is talking about Shibari and teaching, always has in their mind the involvement of both roles with their own complexities and contributing inputs. Both the rigger and model coexist independently and need attention separately, but also as a team working together in having a productive, positive and intimate journey.

As an agender person, they have no pronouns or gender reference but do not mind having neutral terms used toward them (They/them, for example).


There is no possibility of attending only one day of workshop.

It is important that the model & rigger know each other previously, have done suspensions together, know how to communicate any problems and deal with high risk situations together.

We will have a person available in the space to help in any complicated situation that the participants may encounter, assist in case of fainting and dizziness if they occur, help take emergency take-down measures if necessary.

*We offer payment plans if you apply well in advance.

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