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Barkas & Addie


Barkas and Addie, based in Vancouver, are educators who teach and perform internationally. Their style is characterised by their focus on process, interaction and emotions in the Shibari scene. Together they run TheSpace2, Vancouver's first dedicated Shibari/Kinbaku studio.

Barkas is a bondage artist and writer. They has created the "Interview Metaphor" and "Ranboo" style of practicing ropes but has also been a student of Yukimura Haruki until his death in 2016, in their countless lessons with Yukimura, Barkas developed their own unique interpretation of Yukimura Ryu. In 2015, Yukimura bestowed upon Barkas the name Haru Tsuyu and encouraged them to go and teach what he had learned. 


Addie is an enthusiastic switch and self-attractor. She organises regular workshops on the dynamics of self-suspension and focuses on a more versatile education for those beginners and advanced in the more technical side of Shibari. When co-teaching together, she focuses on information and conversation for the models.


Workshop: Analysing 

19 & 20 of August from 10:00 to 18:00 both days

During two days of intensive workshops, Barkas will share their own interpretation of Yukimura Ryu from their direct learnings with Yukimura Haruki.

Ground tying, as taught by Yukimura Haruki, is a style that focuses on the quality of the connection and communication between the person tying and the one being tied. The question is not whether they are connected, but how. The same goes for communication: what, how, why do you communicate and with what intention?

In these workshops, we will develop a solid understanding of how the terms "communication", "position" and "pattern" are connected and how to frame an interaction between people in a scene. In addition, we will work on moving with both emotional and physical elegance while playing on the floor.

Special Shibari Soiree + Jam

19 August from 19:00 to 23:00

Our Shibari Soireé is an event by and for our community, to strengthen ties and expand our connections. Come and enjoy Shibari performances and then if you feel like staying a bit longer for our mixed Shibari Jam to admire the participants playing and exploring the ropes, chatting with other curious people, drawing, etc.


During this event, we will have an opening performance by Pauline Massimo and Nora in the first hour, then followed by Barkas and Addie, our special guests from Canada.


We will close the evening with a mixed Shibari Jam until 23:00.


The intensive workshops are focused on people who have a minimum of experience, although it is expected that the group will be of mixed levels where it can enrich the experience of the workshops over the course of the weekend. Attendance at these workshops will have to be in pairs due to the nature of the technical and theoretical content (one person tying and the other being tied) although they do not have to be intimate partners, they can also be friends who wish to learn together for example. The instructors suggest that the pairs attending have a minimum of confidence in tying together and feel comfortable practising ropes given the particularly intimate nature of the workshop topics.


Barkas & Addie will conduct the class in English and there will be the possibility of live translation into Spanish if required.

This course runs as a two-day intensive. It is very important that you meet the requirements specified in the workshop.


If you have any doubts, please contact the organisation:


Book your place in advance from our website or via email.

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