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Partials: pain and pleasure - Tamandua & Briki

During this two-day face-to-face workshop, Tamandua and Briki will teach some of their favorite partial suspensions. Drawing on his vision of shibari as an erotic and sadomasochistic art, the bindings taught will focus on sensual beauty and the game of tormenting with the ropes.

Partials: pain and pleasure - Tamandua & Briki
Partials: pain and pleasure - Tamandua & Briki

Horario y ubicación

Feb 19, 2022, 10:00 AM GMT+1 – Feb 20, 2022, 5:00 PM GMT+1

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

Intensive workshop with Tamandua & Briki

Partial: pain and pleasure.

During this two-day face-to-face workshop, Tamandua and Briki will teach some of their favorite partial suspensions. Drawing on his vision of shibari as an erotic and sadomasochistic art, the bindings taught will focus on sensual beauty and the game of tormenting with the ropes.

When creating shapes in the partial suspensions, an attempt is made to play with the gravitational dynamics between the lines and the body, whose opposing forces are capable of creating support and stress, depending on the balance of the tie, often resulting in a situation of predicament towards the tied person.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to configure the different restraints to restrain the body in the desired posture.
  • Understand how to carefully balance suspension load to control tie intensity.
  • Understand the difference between the pressure of the strings on the body and postural stress as a means of storm and torture.
  • Guidance and advice made the riggers and models of how to navigate in this type of bindings and Shibari style with the approach of Tamandua and Briki.

Horizontal bamboos will be used as suspension points. TK / Takate Kote type torso ties and other options will be taught during class.

What do you need to bring:

At least one pack of 7 jute / hemp strings of the same size and 2-3 strings of smaller sizes.

1-2 pieces of medium / large size fabric to use as gags.

Prerequisites for people tying:

It is necessary to know how the suspension lines are made and how to anchor them to the harnesses they use.

You must also know at least one type of closure in bamboo and another in the bight / anchor of the suspension line.

Knowing how to tie with ease some type of Takate Kote in which your partner feels very good.

All these skills should have been learned with an instructor in person, or have received feedback from an instructor before attending this intensive workshop.

Prerequisites for those who are coffins and for the couple as a whole:

Couples should have prior experience tying together, including practice with Takate Kotes.

Both should be aware and knowledgeable about the risks of nerve compression when doing Shibari and know how to recognize the signs of nerve compression when they occur.

If the Takate Kote does not fit the model well due to anatomy and injury, please make sure you have enough experience tying other harnesses on the torso so that the suspension line can be anchored to the back.


The value of the ticket corresponds to two people in pairs participating without the possibility of exchanging roles during the class. This event is mainly oriented to the public of LGBTQI + couples and women / femininity.

The other requests will be on the waiting list for those people who are allied to the Espacio Nos project, the LGBTQI + collective, the struggles of socio-economically marginalized groups, which respect the diverse identities of gender and sexualities, as well as the regulations of the space and values. We do not ask you to be a perfect person, but rather that you strive to show your support and be a good ally.

You must fill out the application form for a place completely and in detail, providing us with all the possible information to get to know you better and your work with the ropes / as a model to evaluate if we believe that you meet the requirements established to attend this workshop.

* Only adults. *


Tickets for LGBTQIA + couples and female / feminine couples have a reduced value for both days.

Regular price tickets for allied couples are € 400 for both days.

If you want to do this two-day intensive workshop with the short workshop on Friday and attend the performance night, we will make a special price for reserving everything together.


Tamandua and Briki will give the class in English and there will be the possibility of translating it live into Spanish.


By filling in the form for this event, you are requesting a place to attend it. If you receive a positive confirmation, you will be explained how the process to finalize your reservation works, which includes the full payment of your place within a limited period of time. The only way to request a place is by filling in the form for this event completely and correctly. The first people accepted to make the reservation payment will be the first to obtain their places until the full capacity of the workshop is filled.

* If we accept your reservation as LGTBQI + couples or as couples of women / women and we discover that it is not true, even if the reservation payment for the place has been made, we will not make refunds for violating a vital condition of this event and regulations of the space . *

* If you apply as an allied couple, you will be on a waiting list until the remaining places are released for this workshop. In the event of any doubt on our part, we will notify you. *

To attend this workshop, you must have a certificate or proof of vaccination and / or a pcr less than 24 hours old. And we will follow the restrictions for health reasons that are established during the date of the event, so the conditions could change. If for any reason you do not have or cannot offer us one of these tests, please write to us and we can look at your case and see if we can find a common solution.

Important :

Video recordings are not allowed during class. Photos are only allowed of your own work.

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