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Covid-19 warning and activities

The holding of workshops, classes, courses, jams and other events is subject to the instructions of the Department of Health regarding COVID-19.
* Check here about our measurements.

We want your visit to be as safe as possible!

We were finally able to open the space to the public shortly after the mandatory quarantine, adding several months of waiting to all lockdowns. In order to return in the safest way possible, we follow a protocol that you can review to follow, so that we can keep the doors of this interdisciplinary space open for you and for everyone who wants to know it. But above all the safety of the community is very important.

It is very important that you wear the mask correctly around the world within the space while the use is decreed. The only exception is exclusively when you are going to practice some physical activity BUT we encourage everyone who can do it even while doing physical activity to wear it.
We have hydroalcoholic gel to clean and disinfect the hands during the visit and we have reinforced the cleaning service throughout the space.
You must use the gel as soon as you enter the space, and it is requested to use it as many times as necessary when you touch any surface or object in the space or wash your hands with soap properly during the wash.

If you attend a class or jam in the space, it is important that you know that you cannot mix or do an activity with another person who has no previous contact. For example, if you have signed up for a jam sole and there is no one else with whom you have prior contact before entering the space, you must participate and do your sole class or activity. If you have close and prior contact with another person who matches within the space, you can mix if both or more of you agree with the risks of transmission of Covid-19.  It is also important to keep  always the safety distance of a meter and a half or two  from the other people you don't normally have contact with.
We have reduced the capacity of the activities and exhibitions in accordance with the regulations and the changes made throughout the pandemic and it is essential that you buy the ticket through the website. We are not offering last minute tickets at the door.
If you have a ticket or reserved place, please mention the name of the person who has reserved it or show us the reservation from your mobile device at least, it is not necessary to bring it printed and preferably not to do so under any circumstances. And in the case of coming with more people, it is important to include the names of the other people in the comments of the order and if there is any change that you notify us by email in advance.
We have individual boxes to store your own things without sharing it with other people who do not share coexistence.


We have adapted the visit of the exhibition in order to offer a safe experience.
Entry and exit will be staggered. You have to come on time and avoid queues.
We provide participants with hydro-alcoholic gel and soap to clean their hands.
Furniture and material will be for individual use. In case of shared use, they will be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.
We ventilate the space between each activity at least 10 min.
The spaces will be cleaned and disinfected every day, and special attention will be paid to the most commonly used surfaces.

Sincerely, Espacio Nos team

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