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The project

A place for experimentation

Nōs was born from the deep need to create an interdisciplinary space having its roots in art, community, education, intersectionality, movement and well-being.
This project is the mixture of various ideas that have been growing in our minds and of many influences from other existing spaces which we have had the great privilege of knowing over the years.
Espacio Nōs is and will always be in constant evolution, adapting to different ideas and needs that arise.

Our political identity is as important as our artistic expression.

Nōs has as a priority and central focus to create a safer, healthier and more inclusive space for people who come to the activities, to learn and to share. Therefore, within the project itself there are several ideas, already underway, to make it not only a reality but also normalize community collaboration.
The project is developed around and its work is focused on socioeconomically marginalized communities and groups, LGBTQI +, women and people who identify with femininity, and consequently towards those who consider themselves allies.
With an ultimate goal of building a community where we can trust each other, we are here to listen, discuss and solve any problem that may occur and / or any questions you may have.

As an interdisciplinary artistic space we want to support both new artists and our instructors and / or collaborators, to explore ideas and projects, to feel free to express any creative concern. That is why Espacio Nōs is and will be a laboratory for creation where you can find motivation and inspiration.

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