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Workshop: 5 minimalist ties - Pauline Massimo

3-hour practical workshop by Pauline Massimo, where you will learn minimalist bindings and variations designed for suspensions and fun. Suitable for self tie, couples of all levels.

Workshop: 5 minimalist ties - Pauline Massimo
Workshop: 5 minimalist ties - Pauline Massimo

Horario y ubicación

Oct 17, 2021, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT+2

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

Workshop by Pauline Massimo (no pronouns / elle).

Theme: 5 minimalist ties.

About the class.

In this practical workshop by Pauline Massimo, you will learn from his style and developed technique the 5 essential minimalist ties designed to elevate the technique of those who tie, to self-tie and for the rope models to enjoy in the process with comfort.

These minimalist ties can be used for suspensions as well as used as a base pattern where you can further develop your structures and make them more complex. Whenever possible, Pauline will teach different variations to expand the repertoire of those who tie, self-tie and are coffins. Accompanying the process of teaching these ties, Pauline will emphasize practical safety, communication to improve the process as a whole, anatomy and other important knowledge so that all roles enjoy it and feel as comfortable and safe as possible. .

The 5 ties of minimalist variations that we will learn in the workshop will be:

• Futomomo: Classic tie where it is tied around the bent leg, this variation is ideal for those who have sensitive points on the shin, as well as those who tie will be able to do it very quickly and efficiently in different situations. It has variations.

• Basket: Classic tie where it is tied around the waist and legs (thighs) close the body where the chest touches the knee as much as possible. This tie is super versatile with many play possibilities. It has variations.

• Holster: The new favorite tie, a harness tied at the waist or hip along the part of the leg closest to the groin. It is an excellent option for a fast and efficient hip / waist harness, where it can be used as support in a suspension to this area or as a point only creating some asymmetry in the body posture. It has variations.

• Torso harness: Tie that consists of minimal support in the lower part and in the upper part of the chest. This tie generates  a point of support in the torso without necessarily including the restraint of the hands, so it becomes very versatile when combined with other options of hand and arm restraints, as well as to self-tie efficiently and comfortably. It has variations.

• Pencil Skirt / Mermaid: Tie that joins the waist area with the two legs together and parallel to above the knee area (always avoiding the knees and tendons in the area). This tie is not only a classic but also very versatile when it comes to playing and expanding, but its well-made structure has a certain complexity that is very important to take into account. It has variations.


The class will last approximately three hours.

What you need.

Your questions, at least 2 ropes for the exercises, safety scissors, comfortable clothes and an open mind.

If you don't have strings, you can use the community strings of the space or buy your own at Espacio Nos.

You must have attended some kind of introduction to Shibari or have the corresponding knowledge, minimum technical requirement for tying is to know single column tie and double column tie with a non-collapsible knot (bowline for example), know how to apply tensions well and a minimum knowledge of basic counter-tension frictions.

If you have attended the Friction Study class, it would also be ideal to better understand this class on a technical level, but it is not essential to attend this class.

If you self-tie, you should practice single and double columns as much as possible in different parts of the body, such as at the waist, hips, below and above the chest, on the thighs above the knees, on the bent legs, etc.

Tied people must have minimum experience being tied, as well as know how to communicate, to the person who ties them, and identify about the differences of blood circulation and nerve compression in case it occurs, know and understand a minimum about their body and what things can go better or worse.

Both roles must have a good understanding of anatomy and the risks involved in doing Shibari, circulation and nerve compression. Couples should have a minimum of experience tying together before attending class, as well as knowing how to negotiate and communicate needs and consensus.

When and where

Wednesday, September 1 at 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Espacio Nos.

Punctuality is requested.

About Pauline:

Pauline Massimo (no pronouns / elle), with roots in Brazil and feet in Barcelona, co-founder of Espacio Nos and Learn Shibari.

He has been very intensive and pro-active in the Shibari area for almost a decade, exercising multiple roles as a visual artist, performer, instructor, organizer, apprentice, researcher, mentor and much more at the national and international level. His way of feeling, experiencing and exhibiting Shibari, part of his interdisciplinary and multifaceted base where he explores the infinities of relationships with other disciplines and ways of coexisting in the world with strong ties in radical politics, social constructions, neurodivergence, etc.

As an aggender person, she has no pronouns or gender reference but she does not mind that neutral terms are used towards her person (elle, for example).

Pauline Massimo's Instagram


This class is done in person, with a very limited capacity.

It is important to reserve your place in advance and take attendance seriously.

Please, fill in your contact email correctly when you reserve your place, as well as check your tray regularly since an automatic confirmation email will be sent, and in case of cancellation, changes and more information before the class it will also be everything via email.

(To participate in the class and Jam you must be over 18 years old as well as whoever accompanies you).

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as we have a strict policy regarding exchanges and refunds.

If you are part of the LGBTQI + collective, you identify yourself as women / femininity, or part of any socioeconomically marginalized group and you are in a difficult economic situation and you really want to attend this workshop, you can ask us for a free place, if we have a free place you we will make a hole.


  • Individual

    Entrada correspondiente a una persona atendiendo al taller.

    +€1.00 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Pares

    Entrada correspondiente una pareja atendiendo al taller

    +€1.75 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Contratación

    Entrada correspondiente a aquellas personas que vienen solas y quieran atender al taller contratando a otra persona para hacerle de modelo o de rigger. Parte del pago va a la persona que haga de modelo o rigger.

    +€2.13 service fee
    Sale ended



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