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Talk / Demo: Tying in motion - Valentina, Pauline, Inma

Talk and demonstration about the intersection of movement with Shibari for all levels and experiences. Presented by Valentina Gaia Lops, Pauline Massimo and Inma Sáez.

Talk / Demo: Tying in motion - Valentina, Pauline, Inma
Talk / Demo: Tying in motion - Valentina, Pauline, Inma

Horario y ubicación

Aug 14, 2021, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+2

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

Talk and demonstration Tying in motion with Valentina Gaia Lops, Pauline Massimo and Inma Sáez.

About the event:

This talk, demo and community performances is geared for anyone interested in the intersection between Shibari and movement. We will talk about how to bring dynamic creativity to the tying process in a safe and intuitive way, playing with the possibilities of movements and body restrictions on the ground and in suspension. We will be discussing the subject of the perception of our body, of conscious listening to the other person, of communication through the directional touch and of everything that is part of non-verbal language in relation to movement.  At the beginning of the event, we will have a talk about the intersections of the movement in the Shibari, either tying, being tied or self tying accompanied by several practical demonstrations of the theories explained, and at the end there will be two performances that represent the general concept of that event . In this event you will come to listen to the talk, ask questions and comment, and watch the demonstrations and performances. If you are interested in delving into this topic in more depth, we recommend the Movement Composition Laboratory workshop with Valentina Gaia Lops on August 18, where exercises and practical work will be done that you will listen to and see in this talk and demonstration.

About the presenters:

Valentina Gaia Lops is a feminist queer choreographer and visual artist. His work is supported by various investigations on performance, composition, spatial design and movement techniques; is developed with the contribution of various techniques  of contemporary dance such as "Contact improvisation", the Feldenkrais technique, the Butoh, the release technique, contemporary dance and the intersection between body language and visual arts.  Valentina is an artist at the Tangent Projects art gallery where she is currently developing ´Body House´, a multidisciplinary project that documents the relationship that people of different genres and life paths have with their bodies, focusing on their stories of self-love.

Valentina Gaia Lops Instagram

Inma Sáez (she) is from Andalusia, settled in Barcelona after many years in London. She is a scenographer and passion dancer, with extensive experience in organizing events, Inma has spent some years exploring her interest in Shibari and BDSM practices with great curiosity, discipline in her research and studies, as well as a passion for transmitting values and ethics when you share your knowledge. She has been studying Shibari intensely for about two years with multiple instructors, her interest in butoh has led her to reconnect with dance and she has been part of the heart of Espacio Nos since its inception.

Inma Saez's Instagram

Pauline Massimo, with roots in Brazil and feet in Barcelona, co-founder of Espacio Nos and Learn Shibari.

He has been very intensive and pro-active in the Shibari area for almost a decade, exercising multiple roles as a visual artist, performer, instructor, organizer, apprentice, researcher, mentor and much more at the national and international level. His way of feeling, experiencing and exhibiting Shibari, part of his interdisciplinary and multifaceted base where he explores the infinities of relationships with other disciplines and ways of coexisting in the world with strong ties in radical politics, social constructions, neurodivergence, etc.

As an aggender person, she has no pronouns or gender reference but she does not mind that neutral terms are used towards her person (elle, for example).

Pauline Massimo's Instagram


August 14, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

There will be a couple of small breaks.

No prerequisites or previous experience.

What Brig:

Something to jot down notes




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