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Class: Fun and Painful - Inma & Button + Jam

Community class by Inma Sáez and Button, will last 2 hours. In this practical class, you will learn how to use the strings in a painful way with a fun touch while maintaining minimalism, being careful of risks. For all levels and experiences with donation-based entry. Shibari Jam.

Class: Fun and Painful - Inma & Button + Jam
Class: Fun and Painful - Inma & Button + Jam

Horario y ubicación

Oct 19, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT+2

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

Community class by Inma Sáez (her) and Button (her)

Theme: Fun and Painful + Shibari Jam

About the class.

This practical community class with Inma and Button, you will learn how to use the ropes in a painful way with a fun touch while maintaining minimalism, taking care of the risks of injury with great anatomical care, and taking into account personal tastes and physical / mental possibilities. . Class for couples and single people with adapted exercises and with the possibility of exchanging between the couples established during the class (switch). 


The class will last approximately two hours.

What you need.

Your questions, at least 2 ropes for the exercises, safety scissors, comfortable clothes and an open mind.

If you don't have strings, you can use the community strings of the space or buy your own at Espacio Nos.

You must have attended some kind of introduction to Shibari or have the corresponding knowledge, minimum technical requirement for tying is to know single column tie and double column tie with a non-collapsible knot (bowline for example), know how to apply tensions well and a minimum knowledge basic friction.

Tied people must have minimal experience being tied, as well as know how to identify and communicate about the differences in circulation of bleeding and nerve compression in case it occurs to the person who ties them, know and understand a minimum about their body and what things they can go better or worse.

Both roles must have and understand well about anatomy and the risks that Shibari can entail, about circulation and nerve compression. Couples should have a minimum of experience tying together before attending class, as well as knowing how to negotiate and communicate needs and consensus.

When and where

Tuesday, August 3 at 18:00 at Espacio Nos. Punctuality is requested. Once the class is over, the space will be open until 23:00  for a Shibari Jam (free and social practice event).

About Inma and Button:

Inma Sáez (she) is from Andalusia, settled in Barcelona after many years in London. She is a scenographer and passion dancer, with extensive experience in organizing events, Inma has spent some years exploring her interest in Shibari and BDSM practices with great curiosity, discipline in her research and studies, as well as a passion for transmitting values and ethics when you share your knowledge. She has been studying Shibari intensely for about two years with multiple instructors, her interest in butoh has led her to reconnect with dance and she has been part of the heart of Espacio Nos since its inception.

Inma Saez's Instagram

Although Button (she has been looking into the world of strings for a while, she finally discovered shibari two years ago thanks to Pauline Massimo.

And she hasn't stopped playing with them since.

Mainly as a model for Inma Sáez (with whom I have done a couple of performances) and we have a wonderful complicity.

I also tie a little bit and lately he's looking into self-suspension.

For her the strings are expression and freedom.


This class is done in person, with a very limited capacity.

It is important that if you reserve a place as far in advance as possible and that you commit to participate and attend the event to make the experience more enriching.

If you want to participate in the jam that takes place after the class, the value of the jam is € 5 loose, so you can pay in person if there are still places free for the Jam, or you can reserve together with your donation or consult us by email if you have questions. The class space and the subsequent Shibari Jam is for a mixed audience.

(To participate in the class and Jam you must be over 18 years old as well as whoever accompanies you).

About our community events:

If you see marked in some events as "community", that means that it will be given to people who are part of our community in Espacio Nos. These people usually have a direct link and collaborate in a participatory, proactive way to create a safer space , collaborative and that is a more heterarchical community (organizational system that predominates a consensual order). We give the space and opportunities to people of different roots, history and diverse experiences inside and outside of Shibari who can contribute their bit to our community and the people who visit and participate in us.

The events classified as community have a minimum donation base to participate, thus contributing to enhance the effort of each facilitator with a circular economy. You can donate as much as you want before and after the event and the space will keep a much smaller portion to help contribute to keeping it open, all the while trying to democratize the accessibility of Shibari education and diversify the different means of learning. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you can request free access in the event that the online tickets are not available. We have limited capacity, even if it is low donations, seriousness is requested in attending and notify before if the assistance is canceled. Read the regulations, ticket policies and others before booking.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as we have a strict policy regarding exchanges and refunds.


  • Donación mínima

    Entrada correspondiente a una donación mínima y simbólica por persona asistiendo al evento.

    +€0.25 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Donación solidaria

    Entrada correspondiente a una donación solidaria y simbólica por persona asistiendo al evento.

    +€0.33 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Donación amistosa

    Entrada correspondiente a una donación amistosa y simbólica por persona asistiendo al evento.

    +€0.45 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Entrada gratuita (clase)

    Entrada gratuita corresponde al acceso al evento si no tienes los medios económicos para atender a esta evento comunitario. No incluye acceso a la jam de Shibari.

    Sale ended



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