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Rope bottoming: Developing your own practice

Intensive workshop with Saara Rei oriented for people who are tied and those who tie other people and how to develop their own way of being a Shibari model.

Rope bottoming: Developing your own practice
Rope bottoming: Developing your own practice

Horario y ubicación

Oct 03, 2020, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

About the workshop: Being a coffin can be an incredibly intense experience. Set

of sensations and emotions that can be felt is already unlimited

often constantly changing within the same experience of

be bound. Process, manage and allow these sensations and emotions

requires continuous and real-time evaluation of what we are

feeling, and yes we can accept the situation we are in or not.

We need to be able to relinquish control and at the same time

maintain absolute supervision to be able to react in a

appropriate and responsible. This level of balance is not an easy task and

it is exactly what we hope to develop in the practices

during this workshop.

In this workshop, we will do a series of practical tying exercises, such as

bindings, designed for those who are being bound in mind.

We will explore how to manage physical and emotional pain while you are

atadx, as well as the use of techniques derived from dance and meditation

mindfulness to develop body awareness. We will learn about

body mechanics, including blood pressure, compression

of nerves and muscle tension. We will practice awareness

of the dynamics we have with the person with whom we are tied,

recognizing when to lead and when to stick with

our bodies. And we will dive deep into our

own personal strengths, limits and weaknesses to develop a

better understanding of what we are comfortable with, what we

would like to work and what we would like to put aside.

We will also work on the emotional body. We will try to understand

our own intentions when doing Shibari / Kinbaku, as well as our

intentions to do Shibari / Kinbaku with others. We will look at what

we hope to win and explore emotionally, and what emotions can

be a challenge to us while we are tied up. For each exercise

focused on the body, there will also be a parallel exercise for the mind.

We hope to see throughout this workshop that there is a flow of

feedback between the physical and emotional bodies from which

feed each other through our thoughts and

feelings. In this workshop, we hope to get to a place where we can

understand how this feedback stream works for us

themselves and how we can use this communication channel within

ourselves to allow body and mind to talk to each other


By the end of this workshop, each of the participants should leave with

a better understanding of themselves on the rope as well as with a

understanding of how they would like to practice the rope, from their intention

to his physical state.

Pre requirements: 

Prerequisites for the person being tied up: have any

experience in being a coffin; have experienced any suspension before

it's a bonus. If you attend this workshop alone, you will not do the practical exercises offered in class but you will be able to make notes and ask questions.

Prerequisites for the person tying: needs to be comfortable performing


Prerequisites for the person who is tying and for the person who

is being tied: both must have tied together at least one

time before coming to this workshop.

Practical info: The class starts at 10:00, you have to arrive at least 5 min before the class. We have a strict delay and cancellation policy. Read the cancellation policy and others before booking this workshop.

There will be a 1 hour break or two 30 minute breaks in the middle of the class. You can bring your own food and drinks and keep them in the fridge. (do not  there is microwave)

The workshop is taught in English and there will be translation into Spanish simultaneously.

This workshop is designed primarily for pairs / couples. But if you attend it as an individual, you accept the conditions of not being able to do some practical exercises since you come without a person who will tie you up. It is also a compatible class and you can answer questions, observe others, etc. Do not let the lack of experience or no atadorxr prevent you from attending such an important class !!!

About Saara Rei:

Saara has been practicing Shibari / Kinbaku since 2014.

She believes that it is impossible for two people tied together to hide what is really between them, and that this vulnerability is what is truly special about this practice. As a Shibari model, Saara has vast experience and has tied with many internationally known riggers, each of whom has given Saara new ideas on how to experiment between the ropes. Saara's love for being tied has led her to tie. Saara has been deeply influenced by Kristina Marlen, Tamandua, Pilar, Felix Ruckert, and Nicolas Yoroï. With a decade of dance experience, Saara has a strong foundation of body awareness and experience, which she carries over to her practice and teaching of strings. Dancing is communicating with the body, and with that, there is no doubt that we are all dancing with our strings.

Image credits

Rigger: Indigo, Photographer: Fittglitter


  • Plaza pares/parejas

    Esta plaza es para las personas que deseen atender a este taller como pares/parejas. Donde una persona trabajará durante el taller como modelo y otra como rigger/atadore. No se puede hacer intercambio durante esta clase.

    +€2.50 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Plaza modelo individual

    Esta plaza es para las personas que deseen atender a este taller como modelo individual/solx. Donde una persona atenderá al taller como modelo pero no se podrá hacer algunos ejercicios de pares/pareja. No se puede hacer intercambio durante esta clase.

    +€1.50 service fee
    Sale ended



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