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Leg / hip tie workshop (Workshop 2)

Intermediate level workshop focused on leg / hip ties, in this an original hip harness and a two futomomos will be taught. The class will last 4 hours with a couple of breaks of approximately 10 min each between topics. Theoretical material will be offered after the face-to-face class.

Leg / hip tie workshop (Workshop 2)
Leg / hip tie workshop (Workshop 2)

Horario y ubicación

Oct 17, 2020, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Space Us, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Sobre del evento

WORKSHOP 2 (Hip / legs) hip / waist harness and 2 types of futomomos

Class content:

• Review of basic knowledge applied to the hip / waist harness and 2 variations of futomomos. • Review about the different types of futomomes and hip / waist harnesses, and their functionalities.

• Safety keys and how to avoid accidents in the harnesses taught. • Review of the anatomy of the Shibari models applying the harnesses taught and how to prepare for such ties and postures involved. • Practical demo of the hip harness and two variations of futomomes developed by Pauline Massimo. • Exercises to make the harnesses taught more practical and efficient.  • How to apply the suspension line to each learned tie. • Requirements:  • Previous experience is necessary, meeting minimum basic knowledge requirements (consult with the organization) or attend the initiation workshop (WORKSHOP 1). • It is not necessary to have or bring ropes. If you have natural material ropes (jute or hemp, please bring them). • In this class it is not possible to change roles due to the reduced time for all the content to be taught. • There is the possibility of attending the class as an individual. The exercises will be done individually. • This type of workshop is focused on one person taking the role of tying and another of being tied, and in the case of individuals as self-tying.

It is possible to attend this class virtually by Zoom, you will access a link provided once you book and you will attend the class content passively, you can ask questions through the chat but your exercises cannot be reviewed during the live classroom. To reserve a virtual class rune you have to select the "virtual" option.

You can also access this workshop by hiring someone to accompany you in the class with previous experience and to help you actively in the exercises, you can hire the model option if you are interested in learning to tie or you can hire someone to tie if you are interested in attending to the class as a model. We will contact you before to consult more information about preferences and needs to cover. If in doubt, check with the organization about this specific place.


  • Individual

    Si reservas esta plaza, atenderás al taller como individual/sole. Los ejercicios y ataduras las harás sole y con adaptaciones (si necesario) guiadas por Pauline Massimo.

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  • Pares

    Si reservas esta plaza, atenderás al taller como par/pareja. Los ejercicios y ataduras se harán entre parejas y con adaptaciones (si necesario) guiadas por Pauline Massimo.

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  • Hiring

    If you reserve this place, you will attend the workshop as with another person hired as a model or rigger (previously agreed with the organization). You will do the exercises and ties with the person hired and with adaptations (if necessary) guided by Pauline Massimo.

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  • Virtual

    Si reservas esta plaza, atenderás al taller virtualmente. Podrás asistir a la clase de manera pasiva, hacer apuntes y preguntar dudas por el chat, pero tus ejercicios no podrán ser revisados en directo. Podrás acceder a esta clase durante las próximas 24 horas en video grabado una vez terminada la clase en directo en caso de no poder atender en la hora del curso.

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